Passwordless multi-
factor authentication with what you have
OnePassFIDO allows users to authenticate and verify themselves at the login screen with what they have.
By combining our FIDO certified authenticators and server, OnePassFIDO offers a robust authentication
solution that is resilient against phishing threats that aim to capture biometric information.
Depend on your preference
  • Deployed on-premises
  • Fit existing enterprise environment
  • Complete control over the hardware and software
    and the infrastructure and resources
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Longer implementation
  • Managed and hosted by a cloud provider
  • Fast implementation
  • Security provided by a cloud provider
  • More scalable than on-premise solutions
  • Lower upfront cost and pay-as-you-go
    pricing model
OnePassFIDO Diagram
Security Assurance
  • With FIDO certified authenticators and server, your users enjoy passwordless or MFA authentication
  • Anti-phishing, worry-less for credential stolen
  • Never store private information on the server
Simple Implementation
  • Use the SDKs for Android and iOS
  • A range of support options from documentation to guidelines
  • Have customer references of various sizes and industries
  • Various options, from PIN to Pattern, Biometrics, for users to choose a preferred authentication method
  • User friendly
  • Enjoy FIDO authentication using PIN or Pattern (no need to buy expensive mobile phones equipped with biometric sensors)
OnePassFIDO High-Level Architecture
OnePassFIDO High-Level Architecture

*CTAP – Client to Authenticator Protocol

OnePassFIDO Components
Operating Environment Requirements of OnePassFIDO
The below OnePassFIDO Server, DBMS and Client
configuration is recommended to process up to
1,000,000 active users.
For OnePassFIDO Server configuration
above 1M active users, please consult our
OnePassFIDO Product Manager
for recommended server configuration.
  • Please Contact Us if you have any
    questions about DTN software licensing.
  • Choose the right plan for you!
  • Scale your pricing based on the number
    of uses actually utilizing OnePassFIDO.
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